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I have Mark VI system for GT at our plant. The problem i am facing is that one of the GT's Triplog live data is storing only the last hour values and other previous values are getting deleted automatically.

Also what is the maximum storage of the Triplog live data inside the Historian Data folder?

A quick advice in this regard will be appreciated. As i am new a joiner in the field instrumentation, i don't have much idea about this.

the triplog live should store 3 days worth of "Triplog_Live" files. The service will automatically delete the older files. There is no configuration available to change this that I am aware of. I use a batch file and visual basic code to copy these files to a different folder so I can keep 1 months worth of files in history.

I would recommend looking at all MKVI documentation for description of how this service is configured. As a usual question here on Did something change since this started happening? .m6b file build, download etc. that may have affected this service? I have never seen it only store 1 hour. It typically stores 1 hour files each in a folder for the day.

It typically stores 1 hour files each in a folder for the day, but there is no change in .m6b file or there is any new download to the system recently and the last .m6b file modified date is like March 2011.

As the problem started 2 days back only, all of a sudden the earlier days data got missing and then from yesterday morning it is storing only last 1 hour data and all other data are missing from the folder.

Any idea what might be the possible reason for this kind of error.
I would take a look at the DataHistorian.log file and see if that might have some idea as to what is happening. Also check the PC, make sure you hard drive space is still ok. Next I would try a reboot of the machine if you haven't already done so. Lastly would be a build and download of the data historian config file. This is not something I have seen happen before, but this would be my path if I was in your place. Good luck and keep us posted.
I have restarted the PC and it works, as the space on hard disk is more than enough to store the data.
i have collected the trip live log. But it is not showing any date while opening. It is showing trend in replay mode. How can i show that trend?

If i export this trend, then .csv file will generate. It will indicate all data. But in trend it self no data is came.

Please give your advice.