Mark Vie _ HART message server is not running

we are using 30M.W BHEL Gas turbine and Mark Vie control.

2 Days before we encounter software error (device.Xml file missing) while attending IGV Autocalibration. so we are using the backup file to recover this issue. controller status is healthy "A".

After a successful startup, we noticed "HART message server is not running" in the notification bar.

1. does the indication mean anything?


It means that any message or information transmitted over HART will not be passed and received by any device looking for it.
>After a successful startup, we noticed "HART message server
>is not running" in the notification bar.
>1. does the indication mean anything?

It would seem, based on the information provided, that the indication noticed in the "...notification bar...." might be coming from the WorkstationST Status icon/app, but it's not entirely clear.

The answer to the question if the indication means anything or not is, based on the information provided, another question: Does the Mark VIe use any HART sensors and configured in the Mark VIe ToolboxST?

If so, and the HART message server is not running, then that is likely a problem which needs to be investigated.

If not, then the message may be in error.

"Recovering" from problems described in the post is not always as simple as using a back-up file. One would need to understand precisely WHICH device.xml file was missing, and have some idea of how it came to be missing to be able to say that using a back-up file (hopefully, one created after the last successful maintenance outage, or from a very recent known good configuration--NOT the original installation of the system) is the correct way to recover from the problem.

If I recall correctly, if the message came from the WorkstationST Status app, one can double-click on the error message and a Help screen with some further information will pop up.

GE seems to be using more and more HART, Profibus and Fieldbus signals/networks on their control systems, but without being able to see the exact configuration running on the control system and HMIs at the site it's impossible to say any more than if HART is being used at the site then, yes, it's a problem, and no, if no HART signals are being used at the site then there's no problem.

AND, without knowing precisely where the message was noticed it's difficult to impossible to say how to troubleshoot the problem, as well as not knowing how the "recovery" was accomplished and what was used as the recovery file.

Just too many unknowns to be of any further help.

how new is your turbine? For any GT installed over ~3 years, GE doesn't put HART IO into their design. This might be something that was accidentally 'enabled' on your HMI. I would double check that you do not have any 'PHRA' IO modules in the GT.

I could go in a long discussion on the cool things you can do with HART, but if you do not have the IO modules and HART transmitter to support this, then there is no reason for the HART message server to be running.