Mark VIe Controller Turbine Block Library


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i am professional engineer that dealing on daily maintenance activities on markvie on GE 9E machines.

i need help to understand turbine control using control blocks.
any one help me to send some control blocks i.e



Have you tried right-clicking on the block in ToolboxST and then clicking on 'Block Help'? That should bring up a Help screen with information about the block and it's inputs, outputs and operation.

Most blocks are "illustrated" in relay ladder diagram format, so if one is familiar with that format it's usually pretty easy to follow signals through the block. Mostly, inputs are on the left, and outputs are on the right.

Having said the above, GE is now switching some blocks to what are called "macros" which usually don't have Block Help, and can be very difficult to understand and follow--BUT not impossible.

If you have specific questions about something, we can try to help. The sequencing associated with Combustion Monitoring (COMB_MON_SEQ) has been covered many times before on (There is a 'Search' field at the far right side of the Menu bar of every webpage which can be used to search past threads and postings.)

I do not have access to the Toolbox hence I could not read the details of the block ( restricted).

I do have the logic tho...and found the rung for modes, etc. built do not have the details of the block except seeing the ladder..

Anybody can help?

Re-read your post. It's not clear (at all) what block or blocks or whatever it is you are asking for.

Your interest and enthusiasm is admired. But, this is a technical forum, and you need to be specific about what it is you want assistance with. Yes; we can (usually) provide help with questions--but, (usually) the best and most concise help is provided when the questions are more specific and not so general in nature.