Mark VIe HMI Color Changes


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Have a Mark VIe with active point. The valves and motors are grey off/closed blue on/open. I am hoping someone has the knowledge to tell me how to change this to red/green. None of the CROs like it this way.
I haven't had to modify any ActivePoint based screens to know how they are setup in CIMPLICITY, but generally you would edit the smart object definitions to the colors you want and linked objects would be updated. Not sure though if they are using linked objects in the current standard.

That said, I really don't recommend changing the colors, at least without a serious look at why the standard uses the colors it does. I've been in enough Red=On/Green=Off Green=On/Red=Off arguments to know how religious the topic is and how little operators like change. However, ActivePoint was developed holistically--no color choices were arbitrary, and lots of research, customer feedback, and usability testing went into it. If you change one piece, you have to realize the impact on the rest.

For example,ActivePoint standardizes red to always be a Priority 1 alarm which requires action by the operator. If you start using red for simple on/off state, you lose that instant ability to see problems that require action.
Well, documented yes, publication maybe. The ActivePoint standard itself is valuable intellectual property--if you had a copy of it, you could create similar HMI screens and save a lot on R&D. I doubt you can get access to it without buying it and signing an NDA.

GE does have a operator training course on ActivePoint, which includes some handouts like a quick reference guide. I have not seen it myself, or know if it is publicly available. I'll ask around.

The only for-sure public document I know of is the marketing brochure right off of the GE website.

Thanks very much! I'll start looking around for ActivePoint documents, but if you find the GE brochure or something else you can share, can you post it to a web sharing site or DropBox or OneDrive or similar and share the link, please!

Again, thanks!!!