Mark vie -logic names

I am using GE Markvie .
sometimes I used the search option(ctrl+F) to find logic and i noticed some logic search results not found if I enter a name in the search engine with caps lock and others not found if I enter a logic name without caps lock.
can anyone tell me what's behind this all?

There are several ”options” for searching using Find. All of them are listed in the Find pop-up window and include 'Match case'. There is also a drop-down just beneath the text entry field that includes choices such as 'Anywhere,' 'Begins with,' 'Anywhere' and others.

Most, but not all (it's that wonderful consistently inconsistent quality of Mark* applications!) that results in Find consistently inconsistently remembering the previous options that were selected and consistently inconsistently re-uses the previously selected options.

So, check out the various options available in the Find (Search) feature of Mark VIe--just do not expect it to behave consistently on each use (unless your idea of consistent matches GE's idea of consistent inconsistency).

Hope this helps!