Mark VIeS vs Mark VIe

The Mark VIeS is the safety platform of the mark VIe, and it has been certified to be SIL3 (controllers and IO packs). It can be a TMR, DUAL, or SIMPLEX configuration. But what i want to understand deeply is: does this safety platform has to co-exist with a control platform (mark VIe) in the same time or it can be a stand-alone control and safety system (Turbine control) in the same time? (we have to the same IO packs regarding their role, but they are safety certified).

thanks in advance

GE (or rather their lawyers) believes as the OEM/designer they are obligated by law to"provide" you with the all the"latest and greatest" software and hardware required by technical regulations and laws--even if they aren't sure what those are in your country. $IL-instrumented systems increase their profit margins significantly--so they will package systems in whatever way will maximize their profits.

$IL systems are misunderstood and misapplied the around the world--but every OEM uses their interpretation of the technical regulations and restrictions to maximize their profits--even though they can't tell you why they are providing what they are, or even what they are providing you that differs from what you currently have or why it's necessary. They rely on your ignorance of the technical regulations and restrictions in your part of the world to maximize their profits--especially GE.

To answer your question specifically--GE can configure the system in many different ways--there is no specific configuration required. It all depends on the division of GE you are (unfortunately) dealing with.

Sorry for the bad news. Best to understand the technical rules and regulations in your location and then make sure GE are meeting the minimum intent rather than letting them tell you what you need--thereby needlessly increasing the price to you--and their profit margin at your expense.

Hope this helps! Don't rely on any provider to tell you what you need--they will tell you you need"everything."

It means work on your part--but it's best for you in the long run.
The most likely problem--given the information provided--is in the metering CT circuit for the newest generator control system. There is something amiss with the polarity of the signals being provided to the new excitation control system.

The "excitation droop compensation" circuit is misfired or reconfigured.

Please write back to let us know what you discover!!!
Thank you very much for this explanation (this time a non technical one lol), really i'm disappointed to read this, but in the same time it opened my eyes on this reality.
although i want to go back to the technical side of this subject, now we can have a controller or a PPRO pack which is safety certified (IEC 61508), and it can be used in a mark vieS platform which means a IEC 61511 certified safety loops. please can you tell me exactly what they added to the hardware or the software (board processors) which make it able to be safety certified?, in other words what is the difference between a PPROH1A (ordinary pack) and PPROS1B (safety certified pack)? if and only if there is a difference.
I beg you pardon, i haven't worked yet on a turbogen site (looking forward for that). The reason why my knowledge is a little bit limited regarding what you mentionned. But i will try to dig on that especially it has a dependence on mark VIeS.

thanks again
Dear all,

Yes, that is right:

The Mark VIeS is the safety platform of the mark VIe SIL3.

Yes, this safety platform has to co-exist with a control platform Mark VIe in the same time. (Our GT is equipped with Mark6e and Mark6eS)

it can be a stand-alone control and safety system? I am not sure.

The Mark6eS is like the core P in Mark5 and Like VPRO in Mark6

See you