MarkV sequence editing

I would like to edit a ladder logic. the procedure I follow is like this.

Make necessary editing and save the sequence edit file. then table_compile followed by eeprom. Is this correct. Can anyone assist?
The Mark V Application Manual (GEH-6195) has a chapter on editing the CSP.

When you finish that, you need to run the Control Sequence Compiler to compile the CSP for downloading. Then you need to usd the EEPROM Downloader to download the CSP to the Mark V processor(s). then you need to re-boot the processors, one at a time, waiting at least one minute (two is better) after the re-booted processor reaches I/O Status A7 before re-booting the next processor, and so on.

The Mark V Maintenance Manual, GEH-5980, has a Figure (Figure 4.27) in Chapter 4 showing some of the above.

Hope this helps!