MarkVI PS 125 VDC failure


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Luis Estrada

Please can any one help me with information about service life time for MarkVI PS 125VDC p/n IS2020RKPSGxyz?

Luis, my personal feeling is that the power supply has been the weak link of the MKVI system.

I have not personally seen it but I think GE released a letter stating that they identified a weak/poor component run that led to a high failure rate of a certain serial number string of power supplies.

There are companies out there that will repair these power supplies for about 1/2 the cost of a new from GE, but depending on if all suspect components are replaced or only the failed one, you may have an early repeat failure. I know the power supplies are pricey from GE, but the cost of lost generation is also very high.

I do not know where you operate you MKVI system, but since the power supplies are only cooled by convection I would recommend trying to keep the temp in the PEECC and MKVI cabinet on the cooler side if possible. I hope this helps.