MarkVI UDH/PDH Switch Confguration

I am using Allied Transys AT8624T/2M switch in Markvie UDH/PDH network. One of the switches failed. We have a spare switch. I would like to know how to configure this switch. I connected this switch to a PC and using PUTTY software logged in. But further, I couldn't proceed. The commands gave in the manual are vague and I am not able to proceed.

Someone, please give me the correct procedure.
The spares (if bought from GE) are supposed to be plug and play. The only thing that you may need to change is the IP Address. If this is a separate switch not bought through GE, then you need to load a full configuration.

In short, What I would do is download the config from another working switch. Then upload that config on the new switch. Then change the IP address.

It has been a long time since I have done this too, but I think you need to use the command "Save config" and then "load config". I need to dig into this a little more to see if I have a manual around anywhere.
Dear iqbal5903,

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You need to configure each port and trunk port each one a part and which VLAN it belongs from port 1 to 24. of course GE uses the 1 to 8 for PDH 9 to 16 for UDH finally 17 to 19 for ADH (atlanta connection used for remote tuning and monitor). if (of course if) you have the admin password (I suppose its reserved for GE people), simply do a backup of the configuration from one similar switch. mainly the redundant one on the same rack through the port RS-232 via telnet or another tool you use, to an external device (stick memory...). and then reconnect to the new one and do restore or upload as its mentioned (you can see the help for command line backup/restore in telnet, putty or even hyperterminal on windows).

Until now the new switch is disconnected from any network. its just turned on and connected through the serial cable rs-232. well well before use it or connect it to the network, you must change some configuration mainly his IP address. you can find it labeled on the older faulty switch, I suppose since you bring config from a redundant one all other config are the same.

Hope this help.
Thank you very much for the response. Will someone send me the steps to download the configuration from existing switch and upload to new switch.

Thanks in advance.