MarkVie Controller Failure Upon Power ON

MarkVie is switched off core by core for Gas turbine maintenance. When we switch on power after the maintenance, always one or two core doesn't boot. It flashes 7 times indicating ROM failure. We had to remove the flash card and reflash it. Most times it works. Sometimes even after flashing, controller doesn't respond. We had to change the controller. This has been happening for sometime. We tried different methods of switching off and On, but the result is same.

Anybody is facing same trouble and any valuable suggestion please.
Hi iqbal5903,

You're right, I remember, I had almost the same probleme with UCSA Mkvie controller. (tell us please which one do you have? I suppose its UCSA since you're talking about flashing Led code).

However, keep in mind that with TMR application, and with just one controller you cannot see the live values on the HMI (of course in the toolboxST controller since its the source), in my case I remember that:

for the first one: I don't remember exactly R, S or T, I found its FC get damaged, I have replaced it (with new one)! Then do a download of everything into new FC, and everything get fine for that controller.

the second one: the FC has just lost the software, I have re-flashed it by downloading everything, then the controller get online again.

The third one was different, I think that his UDH Interface on motherboard get damaged, which means you cannot set his IP adresse and communicate with remotely, then you cannot download it anything, here you have to replace the whole controller.

1/ when re-flash FC or put a new one and just after set the IP @ for the controller and before doing the download try the ping command, if does not respond that means either FC fully damaged, or the UDH Interface on the controller is damaged or even network issue (look into UDH Switchs, ports ...etc).

2/ after IP Setup, try to download: base load, firmware, application code and twice for auto-reconfig to get equality for everything.

3/ contact your GE assistance, ask him help for upgrading controller FIRMWARE, there is a TIL about that.

4/ when shutting off controller tell us please which controller you've started with? The designated one? or one of the others.

Good luck.

What do you mean “the control doesn’t respond”? Can you ping the IP addresses of the controllers? I would like to see where the startup fails.

The other thing you could do is connect in with a serial com cable and watch the controller boot up and view the diagnostics.

Hi Chemsoud,

Thanks for the quick response. It is UCSA controller. We switch off designated controller last and switch on last. Has GE upgraded firmware in the new UCSA controllers? Does the problem not repeat?