Markvie PDIO Module Failure


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We are using two Markvie controls for the Frame 5 turbine. Recently, one of the PDIO modules failed <R>. We tried to replace it with a spare module from our stock. But ToolBox is not recognising the module. We removed and checked the module. This module comes with a sticker from GE, writing to use with IS200TDBTH2A (24V)for TMR control. Our system uses IS200TDBTH6A (125V). We noticed that the module is dead (Attention LED is solid green).

We changed R, S, T modules with new type and changed the foam from H6A to H2A and tried to download. But software is not going through. Changed back foam to H6A (original). Downloaded the software. S and T are ok. So R replaced with the old removed module. That is also ok.
My concern is why the module is fixed with a sticker to use with IS200TDBTH2A, whereas the module is compatible for all types of boards. Will this new module cause trouble in the coming days?

Can you send me the reference number and the revision of the failed module (PDIO) and the new you want to install?
The PDIO packs (IS220PDIOH1A/H1B) are interchangable with the following terminal boards:

The IO pack can be used with any of the TBs. The sticker was most likely put on by a reseller who either didn't know or was trying to make it easier for the installation at the time. It is not specific to the H2A only. However, note that the TDBTH2A only works with 24VDC field power and the TDBTH6A only works with 125VDC field power. Swapping out the TBs could cause problems on the new TB because it doesn't support the voltage and could burn something go back to the H6A and stay there.

Your software Download probably did not go through because you have to change the configuration in Toolbox when you change TB hardware.

The original PDIO that you used from stock, may still be OK. I would try it with the H6A hardware. You should only need to build and Download to that IO pack. Depending on what version of ToolboxST, you might need to reboot the IO pack or maybe the controller...sigh. However, if you are on version 4.07.00 or later, you should be OK.

If you want to go into more detail, we can take it offline and email me at [email protected]
Thank you very much Max.

I didn't change the TB, only changed the configuration in the ToolBox, as suggested by a friend. But it didn't accept the software. So, I reverted back to H6. Software loading became ok. The confusion happened because the newly replaced module in <R> also failed. Now we have the new module in <T> and old modules in <R> and <S>. Works well. As you said that sticker has nothing to do with the functionality.
It may not be required to download if IO pack auto configuration is enabled for that pack which can be seen in the toolbox st.