Mass flow air balancing


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Kirk Firth

HI everyone, I have a problem which I could use a little help with. I have to balance the air flow through a dryer. On the intake side I have a VSD controlled fan along with temperature and humidity sensors. On the output side I have a Fan with a VSD, temperature, humidity and flow sensors. I would like to balance the mass of air coming in the dryer to the mass of air coming out of the dryer. From this mass calculation I would like to figure out how fast to spin the fan (which would move X CFM) Can some one give me the appropriate calculations and explanations to do this? Additionally I have a pressure sensor available in the dryer, which I may want use to 'tweak' the dryer pressure slightly positive or negative from the balance point, to compensate for the 'unknowns' Please email me here or at [email protected] if you know how this works. Thanx in advance Kirk