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I need to know about methods for mass flow measurment of a liquid in low scale value.
For example in a laboratory or pilot plant.
Flow of 0-10 g/h of a catalist in a 1/4" pipe with a good accuracy (0.5%max) is my purpose.

Try these two for low flow:

Endress-Hauser mass flow meters

Brooks (Emerson) mass flow controllers

E&H's work fairly well. The Brooks are used by lots of pilot plant vendors because they are an all-in-one unit(mass flow transmitter and control valve).

If any of these are flowing from a nitrogen-blanketed vessel have your local Chem Engr check the tank conditions, liquid properties, and nitrogen pressure(s) to confirm that N2 gas is not being "entrained" in the liquid. If pressure, temp, and chem properties allow this... flow measurements may be FULL of errors. << seen this one in person.

Standard Plan

Since you are dealing with liquid; volumetric to mass flow units conversion using temperature compensation is generally straightforward. If this is the case you have a number of choices including; Laminar flow element (LFE), coriolis (may limited on lowest flows), tangential turbine or ASME FLow Nozzle (for low viscosity), and magmeter (fluid must be conductive). All of these have benefits and good accuracy. Other types are also available but probably won't meet your accuracy requirements.

We offer the LFE and FLow nozzle type for this application.

John Catch

Normally I would recommend a Micro Motion for this application as they have the highest turndown and accuracy available in a coriolis meter. However, I happen to know that your flow of 10 grams/hr is quite low. A magmeter or any other type of meter will have trouble with your low flow. Try the Quantim meter from brooks. try her for more info. I suggest you contact your local rep thru the website and they can help you out.