Master Reset for Honeywell UDC3000


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I had a problem with the UDC3000. How do I perform a master reset so that i can get all parameters to factory default settings?

My input 1 is a J-type thermocouple and input 2 is 4-20mA. However, the controllers input2 does not show the 4-20mA input type for input2. What could be the possible source of error? thanks
A) Honeywell app note for restoring factory defaults:

Restoring Factory Configuration

1 Turn off the power to the instrument for at least five seconds.

2 Turn the power back on and simultaneously press the “SETUP” and keys. This must be done while “TEST DONE” is being displayed.

3 If step 2 was performed correctly, the instrument will now display “UDC” [Upper] “UPDATE” [Lower].

4 Press the Function Key. The instrument will now display “DIS” [Upper] “RESTORE” [Lower].

5 Press the key. The instrument will now display “CFG” [Upper] “RESTORE” [Lower].

6 Press the Function Key. The instrument will now display “DOIN” “RESTORE”

7 When the instrument finishes the restore operation, it automatically resets itself and restarts in the product mode. The instrument configuration will now be the same as it was when the instrument left the factory and all user-entered configurations since that time have been overwritten.

B) issue: Input 2 is T/C, not 4-20mA
a) configuration is not for 4-20mA
b) UDC does not have 2nd input, analog input card (it's an option)
Note that 4-20mA requires precision 250 ohm resistor across input wiring terminals.

UDC 3200 Input 2 setup group app note: