Matsushita PLC and VB Communication


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I need to develop a program to monitor the Matsushita PLC. The problem is I don't know how the communication works. I've done the communication using serial port but I don't know the command to send to the plc in order to monitor the activity. I really need help.....

Pierluigi Moschetti

Dear Mr UjanG,
I work at Matsushita Electric Works (Europe) and I am responsible for the development of a DLL ActiveX implementing the Mewtocol protocol you just need to communicate with the Matsushita PLCs.
The DLL gives you the possibility to read/write/monitor/sample registers and/or relays of Matsushita PLCs from a PC program which supports the ActiveX standard technology.
It is now available in the BETA version and it is undergoing BETA testing just now.
If you agree, I would be glad to let you test it! (The DLL is well described by a complete online help!)
If you are interested and/or you need more information, do not hesitate to contact me directly per e-mail:

[email protected]

Best Regards
ing. Pierluigi Moschetti

Pierluigi Moschetti

Hi Mr Ujan,
I have received your e-mail and I thank you for your interest in our activities. I tried to answer you privately but I got twice a "transient non-fatal error" on your e-mail address.
I am glad to let you test the Mewtocol DLL ActiveX and I will post you the setup routine.
First I would like to have some data from you to register you as a BETA tester: Name, Title, Company, State, Area of activity, Programming language.
If possible, please tell me something about the problem I met on your e-mail address.

Best regards
Pierluigi Moschetti