Maximum distance by DH-485???


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<p>hi all,

<p>i have SLC 5/03 that have 1 port DH-485 and 1 port RS-232(DF1). DH-485 is already connected to Panel View 1000.

<p>My problem is, i want my SLC 5/03 connect to PC, and the distance is about 5 miles. There is have a Fiber Optic network.
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PC<-----> Fiber Optic Network <-----> SLC 5/03
<p>Can i use 1747-PIC at SLC 5/03 side and PC side, like this :
RS232 DH-485 DH-485 RS232
<p>Can DH-485 cover the distance (about 5 miles)???

<p>please your idea and suggest.


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First of all, the distance in Fiber optic is not something that afect the DH-485. if the fiber can go that long, the DH-485 can do the same.

second. I am not sure, but maybe you do not need two pics. you can conect (other can confirm that) directly the dh-485 to the SLC 5/03, but noy sure about the cables.


Evandro Vizicato

You can use Ethernet in this case...
Fiber Ethernet
PC-Ethernet >------------->1761-NET-ENI ---->>5/03

The 1761-NET-ENI is a Ethernet to Serial Converter.

Evandro Vizicato
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If you have a PC at one end and a SLC DF1 port on the other end, don't use PIC's, just get 232<->fiber FOX's at both ends. As for distance, the usual maximums on a given electrical spec (RS232, 485, etc.) are out the window. Those are for copper. Look at the specs for the FOX's and the
fiber. If the fiber infrastructure can do the 5 miles, the serial protocol won't care. I've done this before at 3 miles with no problem, but the limiting factor will be what the fiber system can do.

Steve Myres, PE
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DH-485 can cover a maximum distance of 4000ft (0.75 mile), assuming communication rate range of (300-19200 bps).

One suggestion is to use modem, like A-B (9300-RADKIT).

SLC 5/03 DH-485 <- -> PanelView1000

<- -> DL3500-DH-485/DF1 <-->FO Modem <- ->FO Modem <- -> PC

1) Create an isolated DH-485 network of three nodes, the SLC 5/03, PanelView, DL3500-DH-485/DF1. Assume the SLC5/03 to Panelview DH-485 is already an isolated DH-485 network with an A and B signal like one out of a AIC+ module or PIC.

2) Use 1 DL3500-DH-485/DF1 converter to convert DF1 to isolated DH-485. Then the Serial RS232 protocol (which works over modems) then can be connected to the destination PC running just a serial DF1 driver such as RSLINX or Kepware.

Mike Bunker, Int

Ahmad Abdul-Karim

DH-485 can cover a maximum distance of 4000ft (0.757 mile), when the communication rate is in the range (300-19200 bps).

I suggest to use modems, like A-B 9300 RADKIT.

Hope this will help.
hi all,
thanks for you all help.
Now i know that FO and copper cable is different. FO doesn't use a voltage drop tech, but desibel tech. So the distance doesn't matter even i use RS232.

based on Evandro said, i think that is the best solution.

once again thanks.

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