Maximum distance of connection of two points using MPI


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Please, I need help about the maximum distance of connection of two points using MPI. Also need more information about MPI connection. PD: I want to connect Siemens S7-300 PLCs. Thanks.

Daniel Chartier


There is a document called "Communicationbook_MPIPart_e.pdf" that will give you most information required for your questions. There are also many other communication docs and FAQs on Siemens' website:

To answer your question: one segment (without repeaters) is 50m with MPI. A repeater will extend the network in 2 ways:
1) if there is one repeater attached to both segments, total extension is 50m (100m max)
2) if there is no node between two repeaters (empty segment) then you can wire up to 1000m between them; so total length of the netwok can be 50m +1000m + 50m = 1100m.
See the previously mentioned document for more details.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier