Maximum Simulataneous E-Net connections using SLC 5/05


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Barry Stewart

Does anyone know the true number of simultaneous connections over Ethernet using the SLC 5/05. I have conflicting documentation on the actual type of 16 max connections. The SLC E-net channel will lock up (not fault) not allowing any online connections
A SLC 5/05 allows a total of 4 dedicated incoming connections, 4 dedicated outgoing connections, and then 8 either/or connections. This can give you a total of 12 incoming connections, but only if you only use a max of 4 outgoing connections in the same processor. Also, a neat loophole is a follows. If a processor writes to your SLC and then your SLC writes back to that other processor, then you have used two connections (1 incoming and one outgoing). However, if your SLC READS from the other processor, and then writes back to it, then it only counts as one connection (outgoing) to your slc. Use this loophole if you have problems with too many connections.