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Has anyone tried to use a MBP Master function block to communicate to other PLC's or other devices thru a NOE module. It works well unless there is a power blink and then it may take up to 1 hour for the communications to come back up.

Frank Prendergast

Dear Trea,
I am not quite sure why you are experiencing that this block does not work for one hour after a power cycle.

The MBP_MSTR function will issue a Modbus TCP request when you initiate the block.
It will wait for the reply indefinately (there is no timeout built into the block). Thus you would need to put a timer to cancel the block after a certain timeout. (Maybe this is why your communication is stopping. For example if the request goes out and no slave responds, without a timer to cancel the block it will wait forever.)

After a power cycle to the processor, unless there is some other issue, the MBP_MSTR should restart it's communication.

If you continue to have issues like this certainly call into Schneider Automation's Technical support phone number 1-800-468-5342 ext 1.

Best regards,
Frank Prendergast
Systems and Programs Manager
Schneider Automation Technical Support.

Fernando Capelari - Schneider Electric B

I have used the MSTR block over Ethernet several times on the past with NOE211 module. There is no problem with it.