Measure liquid sulphur flow through 20" pipe dia.


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S K Yadav

Kindly refer to the above subject. The existing Flow meter installed in the sulphuric plant in transfer line is not functioning properly. The existing transmitter is diaphragm seal type DP transmitter and installed with Wedge Type arrangement in sulphure transfer pipe of DN 250x 300 pipe size. The transfer of sulphure is once in a week from one tank to another tank; because of this some times the seal of transmitter gets choked. Also when there is no sulphure in the line the fumes of sulphure trapped in the portion between seal and the wedge flange causes erratic value. The transfer of sulphure is at 132 degC.

We request you to kindly suggest the suitable instrument to measure the total sulphur transfer from one tank to other either by flow or by measuring level of the tank.

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Steve Smoker

Firstly, I'm not sure if your talking about sulphuric acid or molten sulphur.

I would reccomend a magflo meter with a suitable low-flow cutoff to prevent the erratic readings. It also would be immune to the trapped vapour problems you have.

Matthew Stainbrook FGC, Inc.

We use Endress Hauser Promass flow meter for our molten sulfur applications. If you do have air bubbles in your process this instrument will not work for you. Not sure the flow rates you encounter but we meter out very slow rates from 10 to 300 LBS/HR with the Promass.

We do use a continuos level sensor from drexel, a RF capacitance type (variant) but it works pretty well in our sulufr tanks we use that are 5 to 60 tons.