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I need something that is able to measure surface tempatures. The problem is that the sensor has to function in an enviorment of steam with an tempature about 200 degrees celsius.

You haven't said much about your application.
Is it momentary?
Is it moving?
Is there vibration?
Is it flat?
What type of surface are we measuring?
If you are looking at a non-fixed installation, a hand held unit with a surface thermocouple would be the go. Type J or K would be the best options. Nice and rugged with good repeatability. Available from just about any general instrument supplier.
For a fixed installation need more info, suggest you speak to a temperature expert about your specific requirements

It is a fixed installation for an equipment that is going to use steam to heat lumber up to 200c. And I want to measure the tempature of the wooden surface.

Best bet would be a thermocouple or RTD built into a frame that you could clamp onto your lumber. A flat button designed sensor would be good as it would maximise your surface area. Temperature probe manufacturer can make to your design.

Thermocouple cheaper more rugged. RTD faster response time, more accurate reading( 0.1 degree differences)

Hope this helps