Measuring density of corn


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Jim Smith

Using an automated system, we collect samples from the field for analysis. We combine 20 feet, collect the sample in a bucket that is 6x6x56 inches, then measure the weight of corn, the moisture, and the volume (using a laser sensor) to determine the density. This happens every 20 seconds as we combine a field. Any ideas to measure density another way? We still need the weight and moisture. Thanks.
Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Everything looks allright the way you discribe. May be some of the measurments are not perfect. It responds to what the department of agriculture dictates. Is it ? What kind of testweight would you get if the corn would be added to some king of liquid and evaluated like they do for gold " carat ".
I'm not sure how they measure gold in a liquid. The corn may absorb moisture which would affect the density though. Our system is pretty accurate (2-3%) which is good considering the short time available for measurements. I was hoping for a sensor (IR,nuclear absorbtion, microwave, etc.) that would give me density and as a bonus, maybe other traits such as oil content, moisture, etc.

Larry Kolbert

A gamma ray system would certainly give you density but you wouldn't have other info available that you desire. Gamma system would be in $6K range. Check out ThermoMoisture Systems produces a IR system for moisture. There is a company called Epsilon in Round Rock, Texas that makes a using guided microwaves. Has been used for moisture I believe and could possibly do oil content? I know their system is used extensively by Frito Lay for moisture. L.Kolbert
I contacted both companies and they sent out reps. Great stuff, but a little pricey for what we are doing. Our four bucket design would cost in excess of $30000. The microwave technology looked really promising. I appreciate the info though. Like always, quality costs!

Kari Ausland

What density did you get for corn, and what kind of corn was it? I am a college student looking for the density of corn.
Thank you