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We are trying to measure natural gas flow with a highest turdown possible (high flow range/lowest measurable flow).

We have a dP cell which is of course really not the best choice for our new process and I was wondering what would be the best alternative between turbine flow meter and coriolis... and Why?

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martin seller

Two ways that have been successfully used by us.

1 use two dp cells, also two orifice plates also required. this also requires some logic to change over measurement from one to the other at the appropriate flow.

2 use a mass flow meter, (coriolis meter). we have used micromotion, very good in my opinion.
For natural gas flow, dependent on pressure, you could consider positive displacement gear meters such as produced by Actaris. These have mechanical totalisers but may also have high resolution pulse outputs and can be used with either temperature and pressure transmitters or gas density meters to obtain mass flow totals.

Randy Bryson

I have used thermal mass flow, Thermatel TA2 from Magnetrol for natural gas flow with 100:1 turndown. I don't recommend turbine with all the mass flow technologies that exist. Coriolis will be better than thermal. While the Micromotion brand from Emerson is considered some of the best in industry, I urge you to consider E+H and compare specifications. I think you will be well pleased with the performance of the E+H while paying about 1/2 of what you will for a comparably equipped Micromotion Coriolis mass meter. I wouldn't play with anyone else.
Dear All.

For natural gas Flow measurements.

1.) Vortex with Pressure temperature compensation if the flow is operational.

2.) Gas filling system Coriolis mass flow meter.

3.) Continous Measuring and constant feeding Turbine.

4.) Simple controlling and monitoring Boiler, Burner & etc. DP type used.

I recommend you Krohne.