Measuring liquid flow temperature


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I need to know what types of temperature sensors are available, commercially or otherwise, that are capable of measuring liquid flow.

There are two types of liquid that are to be measured-Kerosene and Diesel.

The anticipated temperatures will range from
-40degrees C to +160degrees C.

I am short of the pressure and flow volume figures as yet-soon to be established-but any help with any recommendations with the information i have supplied so far would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Not knowing what the project involves, it may be simpler to measure flow with a flow meter which incorporates a temperature sensor. There are many and varied suppliers in the market such as ABB, Fischer and Porter and others. I would consult with your local instrument provider
If your application does not require explosion proof rating weber Sensors has a model 4460.38 which is a flow and temperature meter with set points and 4-20 ma outputs for both flow and temp.