Measuring Liquid Flow with an Orifice Plate

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Enrique Fernandez Araujo

Dear Colleagues,

I'm writing to you in order to ask for help about measuring a liquid flow using an existing orifice plate and a DP transmitter. I need to measure a
two phase flow (water and oil) and I need the formulas to convert the DP measurement into flow.

Could someone point me to some place in the net where I could find this information. I would also appreciate if someone point me to a report or
similar (like AGA 3) to calculate this flow.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Eng. Enrique Fernandez Araujo.
In the equation, you would have to insert the relashionship of the " Masse volumique " of each component. If it is not covered by some standard, you may as well forget it, and consider an other principle. I have no reference.
In AGA, the corrections you see are not multiphase. They correct for the a single property "rho" . AGA is of no value today as it is replaced by ISO-5167.