Measuring Viscosity of Dense Liquid


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I have an application where I have to read real time viscosity of a thick, viscous and opaque liquid, whose viscosity changes with time.

The liquid is put in a vessel where it is constantly agitated to slow down the increase in viscosity.

The Density of the liquid remains same and does not change with the viscosity.

Can anyone advise a device that is "not" very expensive and suitable for use in an industrial environment.
For laboratory sample measurement, yes. A paint viscometer, which can be had at most hardware stores.

For online measurement, no.

Walt Boyes
If money is a concern, don't waste your time.

Start looking at the operational indications that indicate viscosity is changing, such as agitator rpm's or motor KW, etc...
Not all process viscometers are necessarily expensive.

I would suggest here that you investigate an ink viscometer and talk with ProRheo.

For non-Newtonain fluids such as this a rotational viscometer will probably be a good option and the Covistat manufactured by ProRheo is designed to be a low cost rotational viscometer for ink applications.
This sensor is designed to top mount into a mixing tank where the raw ink and solvent are combined and mixed. It is also designed to be less expensive than most viscometers.

Talk to Lothar Gehm at Pro Rheo