measuring with optical displacement sensors


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J-F Portala

Hi listers,
I'm looking for sensors which specifications are the following:
measuring range 200mm
resolution 0.1mm
updating frequency : 500 to 1000Hz
target material : wood boards
I have found this kind of sensors but best prices are about 1300 US$.
The technology is based on the reflexion of a laser beam on a CCD. I have to add an acquisition board to digitalize the sensor signal.
Are these kind of prices normal or do you know companies with more interesting products ?

A single laser beam and a matrix camera can give the same kind of measurements.
This technology seems cheaper but the measurement time is related to frame cycle. (20ms for CCIR format -> 50Hz updating frequency).

Is there any other technology cheaper than the above one?
Do you have some experience with this kind of measurements?
Thank you.
J-F Portala
SoViLor company
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Hello....I am looking for the same thing as you are. Could you tell me some companies that supply or manufacture these kind of optical sensors ?Any luck with finding cheaper ones ?
Contact Sick Inc. They have the best on the market for lasers, as low as 3 mircons for Resolution and up to 250mm