Mechanical Error tracing with Incremental Shaft encoder


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Incremental shaft encoders converts the shaft positions to puls. For example 1000 puls/rev.

My idea:

We can not to claim "any control system can not control the 360/1000 degree by 1000 puls/rev. encoder. Yes in long time error may be zero by integration efect. But instantaneous absolute value of error every time bigger then zero."


Let's think a Servo error signal is zero and system waits.

Any disturbance signal can produce an error (for example 5 count) and controller wants to reduce this error signal.

System can be controlled if error signal different zero. Therefore first time error produces after system cancelled this error.

Therefore if we use 1000 puls/rev. Encoder we can to claim "our control system can control the 10 * (360/1000) degree by 1000 puls/rev. encoder."


"if I want to control 360/1000 degree i must use
very precision type shaft encoders. (360/10000 etc.)"

I used multiply 10 parameters for sensing error.

This parameters may be reduce by servo quality but not to be 1.

But analog feedback (etc. potentiometers) not problem becouse if system begins to drift in acceptable limits, servo controller can measure error and may use for control. (For example for 360/2000 error.)

(360/2000 error can not be measurable by 1000 count/rev incremantal shaft encoder.)

Can you critize my idea?