Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers

We intended to replace two old oil circuit breakers for our gas turbine generators (12 KV-2000 A),The breakers timing are as follow:

-Opening time: 50 ms.
-Arcing time: 15 ms.
-Total breaking time is 65 ms.
-closing time: 75 ms.

We got an offer with two new vacuum circuit breakers but the timing ch\s is as follow:

-Opening Time: 33 ... 60 ms.
-Arcing time: 10 ... 15 ms.
-Total Breaking Time: 43 ...75 ms.
-Closing time: 60 ... 80 ms.

The Question is: Are the offered breakers with their different times will be compatible with our purpose and will not affect the protection coordination?

The generators are connected to isolated loads (Not connected to National Grid).

Waiting for your soonest reply
Best Regards