Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive for Motor Frequency Control


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I am electrical engineer by profession and currently I am doing research on medium voltage Variable Frequency drive (also called as VFD, VSD, AC drive, VVVF, etc.)

Now I am working in the field of research, manufacturing and marketing of MV VFD. I want to share an idea with somebody who is working in the field of MV VFD. Is here anyone who has installed MV VFD, or anyone who has experience in MV VFD? If you want to contact me, you can contact at songhao(at)

Jerry Song
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For now INVT has bypass cabinet which allows even VFD maintenance period the motor still run, and power unit automatically bypass function. setting by HMI, more features reply to let me know.

Mean when we use for some important load, will not cause process stop and product lose.
So you are describing a feature invented here in the US over a two decades ago by Robicon and because of the lack of respect for intellectual property in China, was copied there. But when the US patent expired in 2012 anyway, nearly every manufacturers is incorporating into their designs. Nothing new there.