Melsec AnS Series A2ASCPU PLC connected to my PC

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Darren Wiltshire

We have a Melsec AnS Series A2ASCPU PLC connected up to my computer, which is use to program ladder logic into the PLC With. When testing, we need to be able to set bits HI and LO, and currently, then only way we know of is to code it into it, and re-upload the program.

As you can guess, this is long winded, and very annoying, but i don't have the knowledge of Computer to PLC communications, or what software
is available to make my task easier. We use the DOS Version of Medoc to program the logic, and transfer it to the PLC, if that's of any help, and its through this program i can change the Bits.

Any Ideas or Help you can give me in speeding up this process will be gratefully accepted.

Jaume Morera

Hello Darren:

With the DOS Version of Medoc, pressing [F8] enters the Monitor mode. MEDOC comunicates with the PLC.
To force one bit device (X, Y, M) you press [F7] (only in monitor mode), this opens a new small window where you can enter the bit device, for example X7.

Then each time that you press the "SPACE BAR" it changes HI and LO. (This is what you was looking for Darren?)

This of course, only if this devices are not forced by the running programm.
With the PLC in stop is possible for testing pusposes.
It's possible also to enter a word device like "D100", see the value and change it.

Press Enter. Then each time that you press the "space bar" it changes HI and LO.

Pressing [ESC] it returns to ladder monitoring.

To go out of the ladder monitor mode press [F8] again or [ESC]

Is also possible to monitor devices pressing [F9] enter the devices, and start monitoring with [F8].
To go out of the ladder monitor mode press [F8] again or [ESC], and then [F9] or [ESC] for ladder view.

Also, if you Select Function "Name", the program asks "What I/O :"then you can enter the first X or M that you want to set bits HI and LO. On
the display appears 16 consecutive X's or M's. You can do similarly to the above with [F8] and [F7]

With the new windows program "GX Developer" version 6, is a "Device Test" where you can FORCE ON, FORCE OFF bit devices or set the value of a word device like "D100", and enter several
monitoring windows with diferent devices. Is also possible to see a device executtion history with the setting condition to easily go to the last changes.

Jaume Morera
[email protected]