Melsec F1-60MR


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John sammut

I am technician who works with a thermoplastic company, recently one of the moulds which still uses the Mitsubishi Melsec F1-60MR, developed a fault in the plc. Occassionally the PLC blocks, the CPUe LED lights up and momentarary the RUN LED goes off and comes on again. This fault seems very difficult to trace, can anyone give me some hints.

I am looking for recommendations of vendors that might have this type of PLC secondhand.

Richard Williams

Remove the PLC from service and check the onboard back up battery. As this is ni-cad it will require changing at least once a year. If that fails check you have sound power supply connections, as loose wiring could cause such a fault (spikes on the supply). Also make sure your earth (ground) connections are sound.
Good luck

Skip Withrow

We have just received one of these controllers, do you still need one? We should be posting on eBay very soon.

Skip Withrow
RDR Electronics

Jacob Rogowski

We can't help you in your issue but maybe you have the software to go in that plc because we don't have it.
Thank you in advance.