Melsec Medoc for Windows to Gpp-Win


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Shawn Rimmell

Hi All,
I need to convert a Melsec Medoc for Windows PLC program into GPP-Win in order for me to enhance a client's control system. GPP-Win won't recognize the file formats (*.nam *.prg *.prt *.prm) from Melsec Medoc. How can I convert or at least open the PLC code files? I have GPP-Win and Melsec Medoc for Dos 2.30 at my disposal. Many thanks.

Pierre Desrochers

Upon installation the GPP software asks if you want to be able to import the MEDOC format files. Guess this was not installed when you did it...

Re-install and you'll be able to port the MEDOC apps directly into the GPP environnement.

-Pierre Desrochers