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I need to down load melsec medoc program for a project that I am doing if you can help me find a place to down load this prog I wood be very grateful
yours Adie
I have a copy of the "medoc" program. I haven't used it in a year or so, but I assume it is still operable. I will be glad to email it to you.




I have not seen medoc for download on any of the Mitsubishi's web sites. Any how which type of Mitsubishi's PLC program do you want to down load. (please provide specific model). I will try to provide it to you.

Since MELSEC MEDOC is a commercial Software product you will not find it available for download anywhere.

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I found a site that offered some software downloads. One of the downloads refers to Melsec Medoc Plus "Service Pack". Not sure what this is. Anyway, see the link and some of the download info. below. Melsec Medoc Plus (MM+) Service Pack Melsec Medoc Software Service Pack (version 2.40A)
(2). FX-PCS/WIN Windows based programming software for the FX family of PLCs (including FX0, FX0S, FX0N, FX and FX2N). Demo version of the PCS/WIN software (limited to a maximum 600 step programs).
(3). Free utility for all PCS/WIN users - converts DOS medoc programs to PCS/WIN



The available download of Melsec medoc plus (service pack) is only to upgrade your existing Melsec medoc plus software. Whereas available
FX-PCS/WIN software is limited version of the original software and is only for FX series PLCs.
So if you need to read write FX-series PLCs you can use FX-PCS/WIN with limitations.

Hello Sir

I Want the copy of the medoc soft for my PLC.

I will be much obliged if you can send it to me.

inform me about any software you want i'll chk in my library.

faraz malik
i need to download medoc melsec program for my project can you tell me where i can download this program, i will be glad if can help me. Thank you+
A local company has a Melsec FXon PLC and NO software. They want me to Backup and probably make changes to the existing program.
Where do I get the software to do this?
Shouldn't it be supplied with the PLC?
Will the FX-PCS do this job?

In addition to the Programming Software, we also need a cable.
Which connection do we connect to on th FXon PLC?
The one that looks like a PS/2 (<<no, right)
OR the 40pin??
If it is the 40 pin, that is a Standard Serial>40pin?
Where is the best palce to get one?
Hi Kevin,
Came across your mail when I was searching for the medoc software. I will appreciate if you can email me a copy of the software for my own use here. Thank you very much.
rgds, Maran
I have found on a fleemarket a melsec a1s plc No software and programmingcable who can help me??

Alejandro Castro

I would like a copy of Melsec Medoc to program a Mitsubishi FX PLC. That´s only for project purposes. Thanks!
Can you please mail me the windows version of sftware for a Mitsubishi PLC, and also the 2.4 DOS version, if you have these.