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I am currently using the Melsec Medoc package (DOS) to program Mitsubishi PLC's. Would it be an improvement to upgrade to the GX developer
version? Or is the GX IEC (conform to the IEC 1131 standard) better? The used plc's are only the fx and a-series, I really don't know if the
GX IEC version has support for those. Also, what is the approxc. pricing of the GX and GX IEC version?

Thanks in advance
The GX developer comes in a few versions from what I understand. I just ordered the Fx series version for around $450. You may need to go
the full version to ulilize the A-Series, check with mitsibishi to verify. Another note GX will not work with XP but it is compatible with
Win 2000.
Hope this helps
I would say go for GX developer. I changed to this after using Medoc for years. You will find it a bit strange at first, but once you get
used to it the windows GUI is a lot better than DOS. remote accses to PLC's it a lot easier, also working on a network drive becomes easy.
I don't know much about the software functionality but I recently got pricing
information from Burns Controls 800-442-2010.

Gx DEV-FX-CI Widows based config software $650
SC-09 Programing Cable $225
MEL-MSW-4-1 Dos based programming software $495

Scott Hayes
If you're ok with using the dos version of medoc then stay with it mate. i've used it for approx
15 years with no problems - tried the gx and had no end of problems with hardware configs. i also
remember having a problem trying to upload a program from a a1s plc and it just wouldn't have it.
maybe the japs have sorted the problem now but it put me off for life. also - medoc will still
run on a 286 processor as well as it can run on a pentium 4 or amd XP. stay as you are mate and
avoid the headaches!