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just a request, if you aren't in the Members / Contributors / Maintainers Directory yet, could you send me your details, please?

You can look at the directory in the CVS or on the web:
(Eventually I'll be turning it into a set of pretty web-pages, but for now it's just text.)

The idea is to have one central file with:
- everyone's name and contact details (e-mail, WWW)
- who's doing what part of the project
- who's done what part of the project (ie, Credits)
- what background people are coming from
- anything else people want to put in there
- blue eyes, brown eyes :)

So far the practical use of the file has been that I noticed as I was putting it together that two people were planning to make the same driver
and didn't know about each other... (Modbus/TCP, if memory serves)

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