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Dear Sirs,
I have a vision system that's used to compare its current image to a previous recorded image pattern, that is archived in a RAM memory card
that storages all the available formats. So, I would like to ask for your help in order to know what suppliers can I contact (e-mail, website, local office in Brazil) in order to achieve spare parts for these IC cards. These 512Kb cards were sent with the not-anymore-supported Allen Bradley
CVIM Vision System and they have AB Catalog Number 2801-MD5, but they are originally made by Mitsubishi Electric (MelCard). I have still other technical questions concerning a needed backup policy for this storage data, as the models for the cards that I'm using only have a main Lithium battery that hasn't ever been changed, but I have seen that there are different cards models with auxiliary battery that I may use as backup cards.
But I need to know where to buy them, as, unfortunately, I haven't had the desired support from the mentioned companies.
Hope to hear from you,
Claudio Pires
[email protected]
Automation Engineer

Eric M. Klintworth

If the CVIM can use 2MB cards, there are a couple listed on eBay for under US$10, removed from equipment. I just searched for "melcard". And, of course, a boxful of 512kB cards might appear tomorrow.

There are two AB knowledgebase articles about vision, which you may have already have looked at. One has the support information (albeit
limited), the other has a zip of all the application notes.

Good luck,
Eric Klintworth