Memory Mapping for Modbus Implementation


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Hi all. Can somebody help me in understanding the role of Memory Mapping when implementing Modbus with 2 devices of diffrent manufacturers? e.g. I want to read 3 diffrent types of register memories (%r, %p, %w, etc.) from GE fanuc PLC using modbus. I will send Modbus command from some other PLC (e.g. Siemens) to read this memory. What kind of memory structure is required to implement this?

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Well, perhaps you're not asking exactly what you want answered, but there is no role or structure as far as Modbus is concerned. Modbus is just moving a block of 16-bit integers; with no promise of what that data represents.

Likely your Master PLC has a command which says "read 125 words from Slave X starting at its Yth word, and store results in my meory starting at Zth word." You are responsible not to over-write things in the Master PLC and to possible "process" the data to convert types. For example, the GE may have a floating point stored within the 10th & 11th words, but that's no promise the Siemens can treat it as a float.

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