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I am an engineer and I am working in Tehran dairy plant. I'd like to know what MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are and how we can use them in my plant (especially in automation project). I would be very grateful if you can give me information about MES and ERP.

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You may want to obtain a copy of ISA's latest standards publication, ISA-95.00.01-2000, "Enterprise-Control System Integration, Part 1: Models and Terminology." This standard is Part 1 of a series of standards that will define the interfaces between enterprise activities and control activities. Part 1 provides standard terminology and a consistent set of concepts and
models for integrating control systems with enterprise systems that will improve communications between all parties involved. The models and terminology emphasize good integration practices of control systems with enterprise systems during the entire life cycle of the systems.

ISA's SP95 committee currently is working on Part 2 of the series, expected to be published in late 2000. Part 2 will contain additional details and
examples to illustrate the Part 1 objects.

Additional details are available on ISA's web site ( or

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Hullsiek, William

There are several good resources, try looking at ISA SP95, this is available for sale on the ISA web-site.

Presently, we have our ERP (Baan IV) send orders to our MES (Infolink)

Infolink organizes the order in the work orders for our manufacturing process, and then download product specifications and setpoints into the equipment using Fix/Dynamics which we use for our HMI.

The MES tracks the current work in progress; allocates inventory; and keeps track of material used and produced. It also takes samples of the product, and puts it into our SPC package for trending purposes. The package can be used for trace-ability as well as production reporting.

Typically output from a MES.

> Trace-ability report
> OEE report (for a Total Productive Maintenance TPM program)
> machine down-time report
> production report
> yield reports.
> Timing studies / Throughput analysis

There are CAMSTAR, X-Factory and other packages that are equivalent. Infolink appears to be very popular in the beverage industry.

William F. Hullsiek
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Lamoreaux, Matthew

You might also want to look at a couple feature articles in Industrial Computing magazine:

For a simple explanation of the ISA SP95 standard:,1773,397,00.html
For an overview of MES:,1773,145,00.html?index_userid=&firs

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