MES application in leather industry


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Hi all.
I will be grateful if any body can help me.

I am loking for information on internet about
MES application in leather industry or some other industries with similar problems.

We want to track genealogy of lather production. On the beginning of the production process there is mixing of skins from different suppliers. We want to track whole proces from ISO standards point of view and with some probability calculate quality of supplied skins regarding complaint from buyers.

Maybee someone know solution.

Thank you again.

Ivan Lorencin
I would try Interwave Technology. They have done the same type of work for Malden Mills, makers of Polartec Fabric, and for Maverick Tube, makers of
oilfield drilling pipe, and for pharmaceutical companies, and about 100 more clients.

Disclosure: Interwave Technology is a client of MarketingPractice Consultants.

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