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Hi All

1. How can we compare MES & ERP systems made by different companies? (What parameters should be noticed?)
2. I 'd like to understand more about conception of MES & ERP systems.
If it's possible, Please send me some catalogues about them.
3. What systems should be provided to complete the cycle of using MES & ERP systems?
For example, are the following systems important to complete this cycle?
SCM (supply chain management)
SSM (sales & service management)
P&PE (production & process engineering)

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Brian Lee Mast

You may want to try the 5-Day Free MEA Software Selection Tool on the Managing Automation web-site.

If nothing else, they may have a decent glossary of terms for this alphabet soup of software offerings.

Brian Lee Mast, P.E.
Trippel/Mast Consulting LLC
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I spent a considerable amount of time selecting and implementing a MES system at my last company. Special care was given to integration into an ERP system as the ERP system was to soon follow. You should check out They have several whitepapers that you can read to help you select and understand the difference, also sell the justification and understanding to managment. This was a struggle for me even though the project was intiated by management. We also employed AMR Research during this time period. They are expensive, but when you look at the money you're going to outlay for these systems, it make sense as they provided the comparison of the systems that you were looking for. I strongly recommend the Feasibility Study, Site Visit, and Pilot System process - it was successful for us. I also believe if SPC is important to you, you need two different systems, or at least two different databases, as SPC is more sequentially orientated and the bulk of the other MES/ERP functionality is relational.

Good luck.....