Messaging between Micrologix 1500 and 1000 without using AIC?


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Dan M

Is it possible to perform messaging directly between a micro 1500 and micro 1000 without using a AIC? I've heard that it can be done with 2 micrologix 1000's series d or later by direct cable connection as long as powered from the
same source. Thanks

I do this by initiating all the comms on a higher level PLC. (I use a SLC 5/04 because I bridge between DH+ and -485).

I beleive all the SLC's will serve as a message initiator on the network, so you can "poll" info into a SLC and the retransmit into another micro.

OOps, I can't remember if the Micros will talk on a -485 net without a AIC+, but I think that's configurable in the software.

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