Messaging from AB Micrologix 1000 Analog via Data Radio wireless modems


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Link Morris

I have a main site that has a Micrologix 1000 Analog hooked to a NET-AIC module at the round din port and at the 9-pin D port there is a Data Radio Integra TR radio modem I think the radio is configured correctly because at the other site I setup a laptop and using hyperterminal and a straight 9-pin D cable I was able to type to my other computer and it could type back. I am told that using RSlinx and the configured 1747-PIC driver I should be able to see the node (PLC) at the other site. If I can't see the PLC then how could the other PLC see it, right? Maby I am using the wrong cable configuration? Please help............
This may be some help, I know that the TX and RX are cross in the air when using wireless radio modems, so from the radio modem abd tha micro sould be a straight cable, not a null modem.With a n AIC I'm not sure... I'll just go to test stand give it a try... SCADA MAN

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Are you trying to run DH485 through the radio modem? It is a fast-token bus and I think the official word from AB is it doesn't work through common radio modems due to changes in timing. It would only work if the radio modem was custom designed for DH485 (not that I know of any like that).

DF1 should work fine, but then you won't need the NET-AIC.

- LynnL