Metric Tonnes Vs US Tonnes


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K Karthikeyan

In a bulk weighing application data sheet, I came across 'US tonnes/hr' as unit for feed rate. Is this in any way different from Metric tonnes/hr ?

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Hi K,
I checked with my conversion software and it gave an exact tonne U.S. to tonne metric conversion. Unless my software conversion is wrong - they are the same.
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The following all apply to mass measurements:

A US Ton (also known as a "short" ton) is 2000 lb or ~ 907.18 kg. A UK Ton (also know as a "long" ton or simply a ton) is 2240 lb or ~ 1016.05 kg.

A "metric" ton is 1000 kg or ~ 2204.62 lb.

Google up "unit conversion" to get all sorts of help with this.