Micro 110 CPU 311 Modicon Controller


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Can someone help? I seem to be having problems attaching to this controller. I am using prowroxs software, 110xca20301 adapter with 110xca28201 cable. Using comport 1, in software and laptop. Tried ASCII and RTU settings.

Fernando Capelari

You are using the wrong adapter. The right one is part number 110XCA20300, instead of 110XCA20301.
That's all.
The correct adapter to use is the 110xca20300. One thing to keep in mind using a laptop is the comm port may not hold the DSR line high and this can cause communication dropouts. There is another adapter 110xca20302 that you can wire-it-yourself. when wiring the adapter jumper out the DSR-DTR and CTS-RTS. Send only TX-RX and GND.