Micro Motion Flow Control Interface to PC


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Kiffany Stanczyk


I am working with a group of software programmers creating an automated system using Micro Motion flow meters. Clients will be able to scan a
magnetic card, type in a PIN and instruct the system how much product they need, the system should then begin pumping.

The database and inventory control system are setup, but we need to integrate it with the flow meter. We are looking for any information on
what type of connection to use and what signaling is sent.

Documentation that we have found up to this point has been no help. Has anyone worked with a similar program? What signal do we send to the
meter to begin pumping and how much product? Is a signal sent back to the PC?

Any information will be greatly appreicated.


Kiffany Stanczyk


I am currently working with a system using micro-motion flow meters.

The flow meter does not do any pumping. You need to have a seperate pump. depending on how accurately you need to control the volume, you will probably want to use a positive displacement pump. The flow meter will go in the line after the pump, and will tell you how much product you have moved using your pump.

The system I am using reports mass flow as a 4 to 20 mA signal. You could monitor this and compare it to time in order to arrive at a specified
volume. Check your documentation on the Micro-Motion, tho, since they are able to report several different parameters, based on what you bought. You may be able to get an accumulated flow output. Probably as a 4-20 mA signal representing a percentage of whatever preset amount is set in the micromotion. ie: if the most you will ever dispense to a single person is
1 litre, set your max volume to 1.2 (or similar) and then shut off at 83% (17.33mA).

Hope this helps in some way!

--Joe Jansen