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Tran Van Khanh

- Dear

I'm an instrument engineer at PVGAS (Viet Nam). PVGAS is an Gas Processing and sales gas product company. Now i have question about micromotion sensor.

At my plant we have two Coriolis meter connect serial together one act as check meter and one is meter for measure condensate product.

1. Check meter: Sensor CMF300, Transmitter:RFT9739 config kg/hr
2. Meter: Sensor DS300, Transmitter:RFT9739 config kg/hr

- We have three operation mode for fluid pass through meter.
1. P-24 with flow rate:55-60ton/hr at P=16 bar
2. P-23 with flow rate:30-40 ton/hr at P=5.6 bar
3. Direct from column with flow rate:19 ton/hr at P=2 bar

We’ve just open the check meter to check with flow rate 19 ton/hr at P=2 bar and we had meter factor=1.01(depend on mass). But i would like to know:
1. Can this meter factor apply for two rest operation mode?
2. Can i just proving the meter with the low flow rate and apply for the rest?
3. Does pressure changing effect on meter performance?
4. Do i need to compensate for flow sensor?