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A. Ian

I am looking for a micro PLC with a built-in display and keypad for setting setpoints and viewing registers. I am looking for direction and feedback on the product.
> Check out the following.
> Horner Electric at www.heaapg.com
> Unitronics at www.unitronic.com
I concur, I'm currently using the Horner mini-OCS as a frontend to motion control station. Its cheap, easy to program, and they have a special promotion (50% off) for first time buyers. I bought mine through GEFanuc who's distributors sell & support it.

Rick Ahnen
GE Fanuc's OSC product is a modular PLC with a build in display. You can get either a 2 or 4 line display to view the registers and set points. The unit is small and very economical. The programming software is easy to use and it
is offered for free on their web site. Go to www.gefanuc.com and use the search feature to look for "OSC".

Larry Lawver

For less than eighteen I/O, consider the Pico Controller from Allen-Bradley. For twenty or more I/O, consider their MicroLogix1500
with optional 1764-DAT Data Access Tool.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida

Dave Simpson

Great little device: "Mini OCS" (Operator Control Station). I'm using one to talk over a Modbus link to a Yaskawa G5C drive: Stop, start, and frequency setpoint. I needed a patterned 3-stage ramp down from 50Hz to lower frequencies, 17Hz being the minimum, over various predetermined periods from one to several hours.
Economical, and easy to operate.

ravi chandran

dear sir,

keyence offers a plc with built in operator interface. I have used it and it is a powerfull plc and small in size.

D. C. Pittendrigh

Hi All

Take a look at the Siemens C7 range, or an S7200 with a TD2 text display.

Donald Pittendrigh

Bob Dannenfelser

Check out the OCS (Operator Control Station)family from Horner Electric/GE Fanuc. Prices range from about $600 and can be pushed to about $2000. Two and four line message displays and the high end unit has a graphics display
for doing trends, bitmaps, etc. We used these as the heart of our MAXX Control product family and so far everything has worked great. The neatest
thing is that you can download the programming software off their website for free ... not a trial version, it's the full blown package!

Bob Dannenfelser
Controls Business Unit Manager
Mottley Air Power

Brian Rode Engineered Handling Inc.

Mitsubishi has just released the new FX1N micro PLC line. PLC has open comunication with additional RS ports (422.232,485) for like $32 each. It also has a LCD display up, down and enter comand for variable and setpoint
adjustments. It also has 100 khz high speed output on transister modes for motion control.


Brian Rode
[email protected]