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Hi folks!
I intend to purchase a development board for ethernet solution and i was targeting Microchip´s one PICDEM.net. It seems very interesting, however i guess there isn´t a plenty documentation and support for TCP/IP stack and the learning curve is not so good.

Since i want to start with something very straightforward, i´ve requested a quotation from RCM2100 module (Rabbit Semiconductor) who is very close to the Microchip´s board and seems me to have a wealth of documentation.

Does anybody knows both to tells me what´s better to start up?
Is it feasible to buy one and in the future, with enough background, migrating to the other with no problems?

What do you think about?

many thanks for replies
I've used the PICDEM board. It's very good for learning Ethernet on PIC, but if you need Ethernet on something else I'd suggest you get the appropriate kit.

The PICDEM stack is from TCPLEAN ( http://www.iosoft.co.uk/tcplean.php )

The book is really good at explaining all the details of the stack, and comes with a CD of stuff you can hack to make it run on just about anything.

Another option is to go for a small module which does serial or I2C to Ethernet, and interface this to whatever controller you want. This means you don't have to worry about the Ethernet tuff, and can concentrate on the application itself.

Good luck,