Microcontroler with 4 PWM


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We are looking for a microcontroler with 4 PWM outputs and 2 serial ports. Microchip has a new device (PIC18F6620)wich is perfect for our application..., but this product is not yet released to production!

Please help us finding the miraculous chip.

Try Atmel Atmega128 , has 8 independent PWM outputs, 2 independent USART's , 1 SPI/2 wire interface, 128kB in circuit programmable flash,
4kb of ram and is available in industrial temp range.

Otherwise, use whatever micro you prefer with 4 PWM outputs and an SPI interface and add to it any number of Maxim Max3110 ( UART chips) to
obtain the number of serial ports you need. These talk SPI in/out to the micro and both TTL level and RS232 level rs232 to the serial link, have a
fifo buffer , low power, and low cost .

Best Regards,
Matt Tudor , MSEE

Filip Atanassov

Try MSP430F149 from Texas Instrument. It is much cheaper than Microchip and has all you need.